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Homeschool Yo Kids Organization provides families with tools to aid unconventional learning experiences, helping to create a positive home learning environment. In addition to this, we are missioned to help families in traditional schools build a healthy collaborative relationship between the school and home.

Homeschool Yo Kids Expo 2023

Looking to be apart of the upcoming Homeschool Yo Kids Expo 2023??!! Click on the links below and help to make these events EXTRAordinary!! We appreciate you and all that you do. Keep being AMAZING!!


Do you believe in yourself??

Remember you are your child's first teacher. That not only makes you qualified to lead their educational journey, it makes you the MOST qualified!! 

It all begins with you. Your home. Your way. 

We are here to provide you with all the resources, tools, and positive reinforcements to ensure that you are most confident in your home learning journey. 

You are not alone.

Remember that this is not a task you have to take on by yourself. There are many resources, communities, and other organizations that offer so much support. You never have to go at it alone. Check out some of the creative ways that we have ensured that you have access to the many resources available to assist you on this lifelong learning journey. 

Homeschool Yo Kids App

Understand that every day that your child is with you, you are "homeschooling". There is no certain way that learning at home has to look. The Homeschool Yo Kids app has been purposed to provide families with a variety of methods, resources, curriculum, activities, and so much more to ensure you build all the confidence you need to excel at your home learning journey.

Download the app below!!

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