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We Appreciate You!!

Your donation will help to grow the Homeschool Yo Kids Organization. Our mission is to be able to assist families as they grow through their home learning journey. Understanding that parents are the first, and most qualified teacher to lead their Young Learner's educational journey, we want to be able to help along the way. We want families to know that they have support

and home learning doesn't have to be done alone. 

Our Programs



Rare (Rising Above Regular Expectations of learning) Mentorship Program- Includes a buddy system based on self-interest that connects parents, families, and young learners based on common interest and location having families come together virtually or physically to complete project-based learning opportunities together that tie with young learner's interests. Beginning in 2023, the organization will hold weekly meetings to check in with the families, provide learning ideas, resources, and tips, workshops, virtual field trips, or speakers based on young learner's interest, and just an overall space for families to connect and learn together. The weekly meetings will be free for families to sign up for


Homeschool Inspiration Boxes

Homeschool Start Up Kits- the organization will provide families that are subscribed to the Homeschool Yo Kids app a homeschool start up kit to help them on their home learning journey. The kit will provide school supplies, parenting tips, motivational cards, social emotional learning resources, homeschool yo kids merchandise, books, and miscellaneous items. The idea is to provide a home learning kit quarterly that families will look forward to but also use the resources to further help build confidence on their home learning journey


Financial Assistance

A 2023 goal is to be able to provide families with a grant to assist them with startup funds for a home business, financial assistance for monthly living expenses, or purchases of homeschool curriculum, learning tools, and other resources. With understanding the financial strains that some families go through in regard to committing to homeschooling full time, we would like to be able to assist with a microgrant to help offset some of the hardship that some families experience when starting their homeschool journey.


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