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Good day!! I'm the developer of the app, Homeschool Yo Kids, and the organizer of the Homeschool Yo Kids Expo. After teaching 14 years in the public school system, I respectfully resigned as a 12 grade English teacher. Being a part of a system that was not providing young learners with all they needed to grow into their best selves was no longer aligned with the betterment of my own mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. I whole-heartedly understand the importance of a parent's role in their children's educational journey. I currently homeschool my two little ladies and work adamantly to provide parents with resources and tools to confidently lead their child(ren)'s home learning journey. I love showing individuals all that they possess when they just tap into themselves and learn to trust the process. 

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I am Aliyah Daleym a former educator certified in teaching K-6. I obtained my master's in education from North Carolina A&T and taught through the pandemic. My best practice is motivating and building confidence in the youth, and creating positive learning environments through SEL. I am now a homeschooling mom, and passionate about helping build confidence in parents to be the best learning coach to their child whether in school or outside of school. 

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Why we do, what we do....

Understanding the greatness that all of us possess, we have witnessed a lot of that greatness drained out of our students during the time spent in the public school system.


Everyone does not learn the same. Everyone is not purposed to do the same thing at the same time as another individual. It's a damaging thought to believe in a 'standard' and equating a child's worth to a grade or test score. 

There are many parents that recognize the need to step outside of the traditional school system and allow their children to develop into their best selves without the pressures of societal standards. We have created an organization that works to provide families with the tools, resources, and foundation needed to embrace their home learning journey confidently, joyfully, and fully encouraged.

"Homeschooling" is definitely about freedom. It's about the freedom to grow and learn with your child. It's about the freedom to approach learning in the manner that best works for your child and their beautiful soul. It's about the freedom to break free of generational curses and traditions that you didn't even sign up for anyways. Homeschool allows you to take full control of your life and the direction you and your family go in. 

Being former public school teachers, we were able to witness the severe disconnect between parents and the school. While we are very understanding of the fact that some parents would prefer to have their children in public school, we work to help bridge the gap between the school and home. We focus on the need for parents to understand that "Homeschool" is something that we do each and every day, even if your child is in "traditional" school. There should always be a connection with parents and their children's education. This learning journey is for life, it doesn't end. We should always be learning and growing, together. 

We are bringing families & communities together and extending tools for social-emotional development, learning, and growing for the collective. This is for everyone. We believe in everyone's greatness.

You are amazing!! 

Know that. 

Homeschool Yo Kids App

Start where you are with what you have!!

The only way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing!! You got it in you. You are amazing. Believe in yourself and everything else will follow. 

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We love connecting with all that are on the mission of healing & growing together as a community!! Let's connect.



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