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Where does your inspiration come from?

On your home learning journey inspiration is what's needed to start and continue to move forward on your journey.

I have always been inspired by nature when it comes to my lifestyle. Not everything applies, but there are valuable lessons to be learned when observing and sitting in nature.

The most important lesson that inspired me to ultimately home school was the fact that many species in nature take care of their own and show their young the way of life by teaching them through experience. Many animals teach, lead, and guide their young until they are capable themselves. It is a natural yet powerful process that takes place between parent and child within nature, and showed me how important the role of a parent truly is.

"The child's first and most influential teacher is the parent"

I was propelled by the examples of nature to intentionally be my child's first teacher as a parent because those roles are simultaneously interchangeable. As a parent, we inherently become our child's first teacher teaching them our ways, thoughts, actions, values, habits, coping mechanism etc at the beginning stages of life like a foal, elephant, or cub in the beginning stages of their life following closely behind their parents every move, learning what to do and not to do to survive. For this insight and inspiration, I am grateful.

However, what inspired you to start your journey might be different from what inspired me to start, but don't let the inspiration die on your journey. Inspiration is what is needed to also continue. The good thing about it is that inspiration can come from anywhere. Be inspired and let inspiration guide you on your home learning journey to find learning opportunities everywhere.

The world is our playground to learn and explore, to grow, survive and thrive. It is our birth right to be inspired and let that inspiration lead us into new discoveries.

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